Ian James Corlett is being added to the lineup for Anime Ohio 2024!

For decades Ian has been serving up unique voice characterizations for projects of every genre.
He began his career voicing radio and TV commercials and soon found himself working in animated feature films and series such as Dinosaur Train, Johnny Test and working for every major animation and gaming producer.

Ian cemented his standing in animation history by originating the iconic English voice of Goku in Dragonball Z, as well as voicing many other 90’s icons like Cheetor in
Beastwars/Transformers, the original Mega Man and Bob in ReBoot.

Ian can also be heard in Yashahime, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, Sausage Party, Ninjago, Disney Jr’s Firebuds, Destiny 2, the Cobra Kai video games, and so much more!

Get your admission tickets all weekend long to Anime Ohio 2024 for an opportunity to meet and get an autograph from Ian: tinyurl.com/yc5u47hu