Anime Ohio 2022 Programming Schedule


Friday, June 17


Autism/Sensory and Cosplay, A Parent’s View

Cosplay can provide an outlet for children who are on the spectrum and may suffer with sensory issues. Using Cosplay and Anime as an outlet and can also be cathartic.

A Parent who is seasoned in Cosplay and has 5 children, 4 on the spectrum,  will provide information that can be beneficial to those parents who are new to the concept of Cosplay and can also be informational for those who are on the spectrum and may be looking for ways for express themselves through Cosplay.


Cosplay Wigs and Make Up

This panel focuses on different aspects of cosplay makeup and techniques plus styling tips and techniques for cosplay wigs of all types!


GottaCatch’em All: 25+ Years of Pokémon

Join us for a look back at over twenty-five years of the global gaming phenomenon known as Pokémon. We’ll look back at the tricks of the trade, how both the game and series has evolved and share some of your favorite memories. This is one panel that you “gotta catch” at Animé Ohio.


Cosplaying over 40!

Let’s have a discussion about grown folks cosplaying. What are challenges? Should you retire from cosplaying? What is appropriate for a fortysomething to cosplay?

Saturday, June 18


A Steven’s Guide to the Universe

The Guide is Back! Join your favorite Crystal Gems for an hour of singing, comedy, and so much more. Test your lip sync skills in “Steven’s Lip Sync Battle.” Check out what’s meme-worthy in an all new “Swank Steven Memes” and in honor of Pride Month, we’ll look at Steven Universe’s impact on LGBTQ culture. Remember, anything is possible with Steven and his #Guidesters.


Ability in Cosplay

Open discussion on cosplaying with disabilities and mental disorders.

Sharing resources and tips for conventions, incorporating medical devices into costumes, and providing a safe space for sharing experiences.


Anime Pose Off: Show Your Pose Strike A Pose

This is your opportunity to strike the pose or do the battle cry or famous quote of your favorite character. There will be two contests one for Anime and one for Non-Anime. Prizes will be given. Some members of the audience will be selected to be judges, ballot counter, timer, and possibly even DJ.


Spotlight on Elizabeth Maxwell


Spotlight on Johnny Yong Bosch


Spotlight on Kellen Goff and Jonah Scott


City Pop and Anime: More Than a Soundtrack

The genre of 1970’s/80’s Japanese music that has come to be known as “City Pop” serves as the soundtrack through which Japanese and Western anime fans alike can gain insight into the post-war cultural economics of Japan’s bubble economy and the impact that this unique moment in Japanese history has had on the trajectory of anime as a cultural medium. Using City Pop music, beginning with Tatsuro Yamashita, as an indicator of cultural and economic trends within Japan during and after the era of the bubble economy in the 1980’s, this panel will discuss the parallels between the trajectory of City Pop music and the medium of anime as a whole, both of which are purveyors of recurring trends in the shifts in Japan’s prevailing cultural philosophy since the end of World War II.


4th Annual Anime Ohio Costume Contest