11am Cospositivity! A Plus Size and Body Positivity Panel
Cospositivity is about embracing that everybody is a cosplay body. Come learn about available resources, tips and tricks for adjusting cosplays for everybody from fit to comfort level, photography tips and guides, being plus size in the cosplay community, and learning to embrace the amazing cosplayer in you! So come and get some Cospositivity there’s enough for everyone!

12pm Meido Magic: A Moé Introduction to Maid Cafés
Okairinasaimase, goshujin-sama, ojou-sama! Do you want to learn about maid cafe and kawaii culture from the newest and coolest Maid Café in Ohio? Come on home, relax and learn about the origins, history, and inter-workings of Maid Cafes from  Haru Hagu! Maid Café Team! Will you come and join us Goshujin-sama? There may be awesome games with prizes and a kawaii performance waiting for you!

1pm A Steven’s Guide to the Universe
Join your favorite Crystal Gem for another exciting panel on all things “Steven Universe.” Join us for a rousing sing-a-long, a look at some quarantine-themes Steven memes and learn how to keep your SU passion going, even after the adventure ends. As always, the fun never ends when you let the Universe be your guide.

2pm Spotlight on Amanda Miller and Kyle Hebert

3pm Kimba the White Lion
Before there was Simba there was Kimba. “Jungle Emperor” (AKA Kimba the White Lion) was created by the wonderful Osamu Tezuka the creator of “The Mighty Atom”(AKA Astro Boy) Jungle Emperor started as a manga series in 1950 and ran in Manga Shonen.  A weekly manga magazine similar to Shonen Jump.  From there it became an anime series in 1965. It was the first anime to be broadcast in color.  In 1966 the sequel  series “Jungle Emperor:Onward Leo!” was released. In 1989 a reboot series simply titled  “Jungle Emperor” was created. Sadly Osamu Tezuka passed away only a few episodes in but what he did work on is spectacular. The first episode fills you with excitement, sadness, and hope for a brighter tomorrow as Leo has to cross the ocean to return to Africa to take his rightful place as king.  Also in 1989 Tezuka Productions began working on a movie based on the last volume of the manga. Due to a rocky road in production the movie came out in 1997. (Side Note: Kimba’s Japanese name is Leo. It was changed in America because the dubbers in 1966 thought the name Leo was too plain when they were scripting.)

4pm Gotta Catch’em All: 25 Years of Pokémon
Whether you’re just starting your journey or have been a part of it since the 8-bit days, almost everyone has enjoyed Pokémon at one point in their lives. Join Professor Dennis as he celebrates the silver anniversary of the global phenomenon that has changed the way we play video games and interact with each other. We’ll look at the “evolution” of the franchise, share some of your favorite moments from the past 25 years, and look at what the future holds for the world of Pokémon.

5pm Just Dance!
Just Dance!- is an interactive workshop friendly for all ages to come and learn some introductory dance moves from different cultures around the world. Attendees will learn the basics of Belly Dancing, K-pop, Idol Dance, Polynesian Dance, and more in a fun easy going environment. Through this workshop attendees will also learn some fun facts about dance and its cultural applications from anime and gaming to pop culture trends today. Everyone is welcome to attend no matter your dance level, or just come and join the fun and see what it’s all about. Either way come have some fun and bust a move, and as they say Just Dance!