July 21, 2018
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Sharonville Convention Center
11355 Chester Road
Cincinnati, OH 45246
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Exhibitor Set-Up Hours
Friday, July 20, 2018
4:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Saturday, July 21, 2018
7:00 AM – 9:00AM
Vendor Hall Hours
Saturday, July 21, 2018
10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Panels and Workshops

Room 201/202

Room 201/202


10:15am A Steven’s Guide to the Universe

“A Steven’s Guide” is a traveling convention panel that discusses topics that relating to the Cartoon Network animated series, “Steven Universe.” During the panel, we discuss everything from the main cast of characters to theories on some of the events throughout the show to how the fandom helps to contribute to the success of the series. We also encourage our fans to join us on stage and share their stories of getting into the show, and how they’ve learned from its’ lessons of acceptance, believing in yourself and that love comes in all forms. With a little comedy, music and just a pinch of Crystal Gem magic, anything is possible when you “Believe in Steven.”


11:15am Cospositivity! A Plus Size/ Body Positive Panel

An in depth panel looking at the cosplay community and Plus Size/ Body Positive issues within it. Going over topics such as: Cosplay is not Consent and how it affects cosplayers with not only sexual harassment but bullying, Being Plus Size and what it means in the community and how that  experience affects the community both positively and negatively and why it matters, Accepting all bodies in the community and why unity is such a huge part of making it healthier, steps towards confidence in cosplay via panelist experience and how they have learned/or are learning to embrace themselves in cosplay as well as helpful tips and tricks, resources and support groups for those facing body positive issues and how precious those are, and finally any questions for those in the audience about the topics or personal advice.


12:15pm Competitive Cosplay Craftsmanship

Competitive Cosplay Craftsmanship is a panel which seeks to impart the advanced techniques used by cosplayers that take their costumes from good to great. Learn about sewing, armor building, special effects, makeup, wig styling, and more! Panelist is a 10-year veteran of the competitive cosplay scene. She has built over 40 costumes and holds a dozen awards, including 3 Best in Shows.

1:15pm The Modern Beginner’s Guide For Anime Fans

This panel is a ‘How To’ panel for both new and not-so-new anime fans about going beyond

whatever their Five Favorite shows might be and delve into other areas of  the medium.  Up until a few years ago, there were certain criteria one had to meet in order to be considered a ‘true’ or ‘serious’ fan based on mutually shared experiences (i.e., Toonami/Adult Swim, watching ‘Naruto/One/Bleach’,etc.). Times have changed with the sheer volume of streaming/viewing options fans have, so how does a new anime fan develop the foundation for interacting successfully with old and new fans alike?  My panel is not a concrete ‘laundry list’ of ‘Must-Watch’ shows/films, but rather a way to help each individual become a well-rounded fan using their personal likes and inclinations for their start.  Times have changed, but in a fun way!


2:15pm Cowboy Bebop Spotlight

Q & A panel session with Anime Ohio guests Melissa Fahn & Beau Billingslea. Topics can range from their work and time on Cowboy Bepop as well as other projects they have credits on.


3:15pm Anime Divorce Court

Has your pillow wifu lost her pillow fluff? Or are have you just expressed your undying love to someone 24 minutes ago and decided to get a pizza with them and they pour their garlic sauce on top like a savage and you’re unsure if you can look at them anymore? That’s why I’m here to offer you (maybe) legal divorces. Come in and get a divorce. I mean. WHY NOT?


4:15pm I say Vol- you say Quiznack!

An in depth look at Voltron: Legendary Defenders and the deeper topics associated with the series. How the show approaches topics such as: Character representations of Sexuality and gender constructs, mental health issues, and looking back on how the creators bridged the Voltron universe overall.


5:15pm Costume Contest

Room 203

Room 203


12:00pm Cosplay and Diversity

Cosplay and Diversity is an open Q/A discussion panel that focuses on minorities in cosplay. We bring to light the challenges, hardships, but also the community and strength that goes into being a POC cosplayer. This is a panel that not only brings awareness, but also encourages being educated on what we as a community can to encourage and advocate for minorities in cosplay! Civil discourse is encouraged!


1:00pm Cosplayology: How to do a Group Cosplay

Learn helpful tips and tricks on how to arrange and execute the perfect group cosplay!


2:00pm Hetalia!! The Beautiful World of Countries!

Do you love the hit anime series, Hetalia? Or do you just have a thing for history? If that applies to you, then this is the perfect panel for you! Featuring countries such as America, England, Germany, and more! We’ll have trivia, a question and answer session, skits, and everybody’s favorite, the dating game! So shake the dust off your Hetalia gear, and come on out for a fun time with your favorite countries!


3:00pm Writing for the Beginning Creator

Practical ins and outs for new writers that covers how to organize and plan a story, some secret editing tips no one talks about, and publishing options.


4:00pm From Fan Fiction to Published

Moving from the joy of writing fan fiction to creating your own work using skills you learned writing fan fic. I’ve done it, so can you!

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